Sunday, August 19, 2007

Myth about Female Muay Thai in Thailand

"Women are not allowed to train Muay Thai, Muay Thai is too difficult for Woman”

An incident in the 1970s, that involved a popular female TV announcer climbing into the ring at the Lumpini stadium, became a temporary set-back to female Muay Thai.

In the superstitious point of view, women were not allowed to come into contact with monks in Buddhist countries. Thailand was a country rich in its Buddhist beliefs; monks blessed the rings and Monkols prior to any fight.

It was then rumored that the incident involving the female TV announcer angered the spirits guarding the ring. Coincidental or not, the next half dozen or so fighters who fought after she she stepped into the ring were injured by cuts and bruises. The Thais’ superstitiouns led to a ban on female Muay Thai fighting.

The ban was, fortunately, only temporary. It was not long before female bouts resumed. However, female bouts were scheduled to the end of every event, as a precaution against any Man or spirit. Despite reinstating female Muay Thai,

most Thai camps still did not allow the participation of female fighters. Even in the rare event that they do, there are separate rings for men and women.

Interestingly enough, due to the absence of Thai female fighters the Western fighters started to dominate the Muay Thai scene. Since it was a matter of pride that the Thai sport should gain priority recognition in the world, regardless of sexes, the Thai government began to focus on female fighters again and made sure that they emerged victorious amongst others.

Throughout the world, Muay Thai is recognized and appreciated for its excellent aerobic conditioning. Women who did aerobic kickboxing regularly became acquainted with the term “Muay Thai” and its characteristics. Its popularity soared, bringing the Thai influence across seas and nurturing excellent champions from namely, Australia and Britain. The term “Thaibo” was then adapted to be a fusion of Thai boxing and Aerobics exercise.

It is undeniable that female Muay Thai fighting has reached its quality levels, to a point where many fights are being televised in cable channels throughout the world.

Amateur Muay Thai have also benefited from an influx of women, as was evident during the large IFMA event in Kazakhstan where there were dozens of excellent female bouts. While training can be difficult, most women who gave Muay Thai a first shot ended up addicted to the sport.


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