Friday, January 18, 2008

Working the bag

I remember coming across a video once before and it had some great bag work techniques. Most people would be bag work in this manner - 4rds x 2mins - and the instant the timer starts, you pump your muscles and exhaust yourself even before you get to the 3rd round.

This technique that I came across is not less exhausting. It can in fact be more exhausting on the body. This technique, however, propels your mind to think before executing your moves, slowing building up an instant effect of body and mind coordination. Here is the routine:

4 Rounds(8 sets) x 4 Mins

Each round constitutes 2 sets, 2 mins each set.

As soon as the timer starts, begin your first set by executing whatever moves that first comes into your mind. The first set is about power. Pump your muscles, throw your punches, master your roundhouse kicks. Sweat the first set out. Stop at 2 mins.

The second set is a slow set. As soon as the timer starts, think through your combinations before executing them. The second set is about technique, about combination, about anticipating your opponent's move even if you are just really punching a dummy bag. Go slow for this first round. Stop at 2 mins.

Set the timer at 30seconds. At the end of each round, it is good to work on some cardio. For the end of the first round, do a 30-second speed punch.

Rest for one min.

Repeat the two sets for each round till you reach the fourth round. As each round progresses, your second sets should go faster. You should develop clearer combar mentality. You should slowly see your techniques forming up in successive first sets. End the second round with 30 seconds of knee, the third round with 30 seconds of push kicks, alternating legs, and the last round with 30 seconds of roundhouse, alternating legs.

This bag work technique is good for getting your body and mentality used to throwing certain combinations such that when your body is tired out in the middle of a bout, your mind has pre-programmed combinations that your body can use.