Monday, August 20, 2007

Female Muay Thai Legend - Naoko Kumagai


D.O.B: 8th August 1971
Fight Wt.: 115 lbs
Height: 5'2"

Fight Record

31 wins
4 losses
1 draw (Holly Ferneley)
27 KOs

Often compared to Lucia Rijker because of her powerful knock-out punches, Kumagai is a three-time World Champion in three different weight categories. Some of the World Champions she defeated:

Kim Messer - Five rd Muay Thai fight in Tokyo Dome

Amanda Buchanan - 4th rd K-O

Regina Halmich - 1st rd K-O

Lisa Smith - 1st rd K-O

Lisa Howarth - 1st rd K-O

Kumagai also won a K-O victory over a male US Marine in a modified Muay Thai fight in Okinawa. She was only 19 then.

Kumagai switched to professional boxing after 12 years of Muay Thai. She, however, did not have much success in boxing with only winning one amateur fight against
Russian Elaina Karpacheva.

Here are some videos:

Naoko Kumagai VS Lisa Howarth - First Round K-O

Naoko Kumagai VS Regina Halmich

When Kumagai fought Halmich, she had a total of 17 wins, five losses.

(Halmich held an impressive record of 20 wins, 2 losses)

Approximately one minute into the fight, Kumagai landed a roundhouse kick into the midsection followed by a punch to the liver. This will followed by a knock-out at approximately one minute and eight seconds when she delivered a high roundhouse kick into Halmich's face.